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Sofitel Hotel Turned On By Private Helicopters Landing On Its Roof

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Mike Leary, a consultant for the West Hollywood-adjacent Sofitel hotel, says letting non-emergency helicopters land on its roof is a "sexy amenity" that "the business community is in love with...because it would bring wealthy people here." The hotel recently applied for a "heli-stop," which would allow commercial helicopters to land and takeoff (but not stick around too long) on the building's mandatory rooftop emergency helipad, reports West Hollywood Patch. Its initial proposal is to operate the stop from 8 am to 8 pm. If the landing were approved, the ten-story Sofitel would be the only hotel outside of downtown to have the steamy hot privilege. While City Councilmember Paul Koretz has already told Caltrans he supports the idea, the neighbors are worried about a third heavily-trafficked helipad in the area--there's already one at the West Hollywood Sheriff's Station and another at Cedars-Sinai. The application for commercial landings takes 13 months and requires approval from the City Council and the FAA.
· Proposed Hotel Helicopter Landings Have Residents Making Noise [West Hollywood Patch]

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