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KTGY Group's Echo Park Housing Project About to Break Ground

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Via KTGY Group, Inc.
The Echo Park Historical Society isn't the only one with issues with the above project, a 75-unit senior apartment housing complex off Glendale Boulevard that will break ground this Friday. The project, which will rise near Echo Park Lake is being done by a group associated with Angelus Temple, but despite the seemingly good intentions, is it affordable? Via Eastsider LA: "Parkview Living, built by an affiliate of Angelus Temple, which is located across the street - is billed as 'affordable housing' but most of its units will not be reserved for low-income seniors..." according to the blog. Some of the local mistrust may come from the fact that it's hard to find fans of Angelus Temple's big parking garage that also went up in the area.
· New Echo Park apartments to target oldsters, not hipsters [Eastsider LA]