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Singer Charo's Pet Bull Relocates from Beverly Hills to Malibu

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The Associated Press via The Sacramento Bee reports the "Cuchi Cuchi" singer had to give up her pet bull because her BH neighbors complained about the smell of its droppings. Charo's owned the bull, named Manolo, since 2009, when they met on the set of anti-bullfighting PETA video. But now that the bull is grown, Beverly Hills neighbors are complaining about the "aroma." After the musician gave up Manolo, he was sent to live on a Malibu horse farm (we hope that's not code for=is now a belt). Charo says she adopted the bull when they filmed the anti-bullfighting video together; Manolo was a baby then. According to the AP, a city spokesperson told them Beverly Hills doesn't allow residents to own livestock in the city.
· Charo: Calif's Neighbors Don't Like My Bull's Smell [AP]