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Venice House By MOCA Architect Isozaki Comes With Clapton Demo

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Images via Great Interior Design; more photos at Vrbo A press release says the 1986 Bjornson House is Japanese architect Arata Isozaki's "only private residence," but he's actually designed several in Japan (it may be his only US residence). You will get a one-of-a-kind with the place, though, a 12 minute "solo classical guitar instrumental [that] has never been professionally recorded or released," presumably by the house's former owner Eric Clapton. The current owner found the tape in the soundsystem Clapton left behind (which is also included with the house).

The Bjornson was built by art collector Teresa Bjornson in the eighties, but details are pretty sketchy. Redfin and an old LA Times notice both say the house has one bedroom (plus a loft, according to the paper) and two bathrooms, but list wildly different square footages (2,112 on Redfin, 1,250 on LAT). A vacation rental listing has it at two bedrooms plus loft in 2,500 square feet. We couldn't find any recent building permits.

Clapton apparently bought the house sometime in the late nineties and sold to the current owner in 2004.

The 1997 LAT mention, from when Bjornson decided to sell, says the house included "several mud paintings created directly on two of the white walls by British sculptor Richard Long and signs at the entrances made by artist David Hockney." Who knows whether those are still around, but the press release on the current sale says there are "custom furnishings by Getty Museum artisan Ronald Bennett that have been a part of the property since Isozaki built the home in 1987."

The seller is planning on donating anything "over the market price" to relief efforts in Japan. That market price is $2.5 million.
· Sale Of Eric Clapton's Venice Beach, CA Home To Benefit Relief Efforts In Japan [MarketWire]