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Eduardo Souto de Moura Wins Pritzker

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Via Bloomberg: "Portugal’s Eduardo Souto de Moura, who has designed soccer stadiums, museums and office towers in his home country, is the winner of this year Pritzker Architecture Prize, the highest honor for architects. Among his best-known buildings are the soccer stadium in Braga, Portugal, where European soccer teams fought for the championship in 2004; and the 20-story Burgo Tower office block in his native city of Porto, built in 2007. Souto de Moura, 58, has also built family homes, cinemas, shopping centers and hotels and since setting up his own office in 1980." ArchDaily has some photos of Souto de Moura's work, while the AP says that his "buildings are praised for their careful use of natural materials and their unexpected dashes of color..." [Bloomberg]