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Rick Leslie's Many-Layered Latimer Residence in Rustic Canyon

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This past weekend the AIA/LA opened up four houses for its first spring home tour, "East and West of 405" (that theme was taken pretty liberally). Follow Curbed inside House #1, Rick Leslie's Rustic Canyon Latimer Residence.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Architect Rick Leslie built the Latimer Residence for his own family (they've been living there about two years), and he runs his architecture firm out of the basement. The house is 4,700 square feet spread over seven levels (on twoish stories and a basement). Solar panels heat the pool and the domestic hot water, and Leslie says the canyon is cool enough without air conditioning. He writes about the house: "The environs of Rustic Canyon certainly had a lot to do with the design; the steep slope of the adjacent hill, the long, narrow, flat area at the front of the lot, the deep shaded tree cover and lack of sun at certain times of the day, and the requirement for privacy for a home that is raised up off the street."
· Rick Leslie Architects [Official Site]