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Fryman Canyon Hikers Driving Studio City-ers Bonkers

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If you hike in Fryman Canyon--and drive and park there, as most do--you're likely irking the residents of Iredell Street and Lane in Studio City. Neighbors complain of hikers parking in their neighborhood and hogging all the spaces; a previous attempt at a solution was creating a restricted parking area and building a small parking lot operated by the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy. The lot charged cars $3 and many people just ended up parking on the neighborhood streets not in the restricted parking area (if you're going hiking, what's a few extra blocks anyway). The Studio City Patch reports that four new options at fixing the situation, including new signage and increased towing enforcement, were recently introduced by the state Department of Transportation and they were greeted by locals with 'try again.' "The next step is that [City Councilman Paul] Krekorian’s office will hold a public hearing and discuss all the options," reports the Patch.
· Iredell Residents Say 'No' to Four Parking Options [Studio City Patch]