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Frank Gehry's 1989 Schnabel House in Brentwood

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Broadway producer Jon Platt ("Angels in America" and the about-to-open "Book of Mormon") bought Frank Gehry's Schnabel House in 2006 and spent four years meticulously updating it with Gehry's input. When the LA Times visited last November, "He said he has put too much of himself in the project to sell, at least not yet, but he coyly added, 'Never say never.'" Five months later, not-never has arrived, and the property is on the market asking $13 million. The Schnabel, built in 1989 on a commission from Rockwell Schnabel, former ambassador to Finland and the European Union, and his wife Marna Schnabel, who has an architecture degree and worked briefly with Gehry, is one of Gehry's last single family residences.

The Schnabel includes four structures composed of stucco, wood, glass, lead, and copper. There's a main building with a living room, library, family room, kitchen, dining room, media room, study, sauna, plant room, a master bedroom, and two other bedrooms; a garage and gym building connected to the main house by a breezeway "to get around code limitations on the number of buildings allowed on one property," according to the LAT; a guesthouse; and an office with a dome inspired by the Griffith Observatory. The house has seven air conditioning systems and a large setback.

According to the listing, the property also has an olive orchard, a reflecting pond, a lap pool, and Getty views.

Platt smarted up the house, putting climate control, televisions, lighting, and security cameras on an iPad-managed system. The metals and concrete made WiFi a challenge, but he eventually put in "something from Cisco Systems that they also use at the CIA headquarters in Langley, Va."
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