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INABA's "Skylight" Sculpture Like a Bat Signal For Symphonies

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Courtesy INABA

LA-based INABA has won an international competition to design a permanent installation at the forthcoming Stavanger, Norway concert hall (which is being designed by Oslo-based Medplan AS Arkitekter). Its submission "Skylight" is an eight by thirteen meter structure that will hang from the top of the building's five story lobby, and, according to a press release, respond to the performances inside and the atmosphere outside: "Skylight will emit artificial light digitally composed to act as a programming beacon for the center’s events. It will respond to the region’s extreme atmospheric conditions by creating a range of luminous effects including extended twilights in winter and surreal auroras in summer. The lighting is also designed to change in hue and intensity in sync with performances, forming distinct patterns during arrival, theater calls, intermission, and closing." The building and the art work are scheduled to debut in 2012.

Courtesy INABA
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