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Figueroa as Vegas

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Please no more stories on the controversial Wilshire Grand hotel project. Please. So tired of it. Yes. Yes, we feel the same way. Enough. But yet! Here's the Los Angeles Times's take. Their story is in tomorrow's newspaper. "The debate [over the lighting and signage on the Wilshire Grand] also involves differing visions of how downtown Los Angeles will evolve. Nearby Grand Avenue, with its museums and concert halls, is being remade as L.A.'s cultural center. Figueroa Street has been steadily moving in the direction of the Las Vegas strip." (Side note: If Fig is gonna be Vegas, we want cheaper hotel rooms and more liberal open container rules.) The paper also points out that this is City Councilwoman Jan Perry's pet LED project-- she's the one who convinced the Planning and Land Use to reverse the earlier vote and restore the architectural lighting. Also in the story: Planning Commission President Bill Roschen, still worried. [LAT]

Wilshire Grand

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