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Three-Bedroom Haiku House in Topanga Canyon

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This Japanese-inspired residence in bucolic Topanga Canyon is one of several hundred pre-fabricated homes made by Haiku Houses, a Newport Beach building firm founded in 1973 by designer Gordon Steen. According to a 2001 LA Times feature on Steen's company, Haiku's post-and-beam homes, which are constructed from redwood, fir, spruce, pine, and oak trees, "have survived fires, hurricanes and quakes virtually unscathed." Built on a one-acre plot in 1983, the Topanga property features three bedrooms, two baths, a fireplace, hot tub, wrap-around deck, and solar electricity. It's listed at $1.049 million.
· 2260 TUNA CANYON Rd [Redfin]
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