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Gold Line Extension Funds Caught Up in the CRA Deathwatch?

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Metro and the city of Monrovia are in a bit of a bind as they try to plan for a possible end to state community redevelopment agencies, reports the Pasadena Star-News. Here's the gist: the Gold Line Foothill Extension to Azusa is about ready to start heavy construction, but the $120 million maintenance yard for the train cars is planned for a plot of land in Monrovia that the city's CRA owns and plans to sell to the Gold Line construction authority for $40 million. If the CRA doesn't sell the land to the Gold Line before (and if) the CRA's funds and properties are taken by Sacramento, that would mean there would be no maintenance facility and the line can't start construction if they don't have a facility figured out. A plan to sell the land was postponed at a special public hearing with the Monrovia City Council last night.
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