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"Idol" Contestants Say "Million Dollar Listing" House is Haunted

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Does this house look haunted to you? According to TMZ, it's so haunted that the "American Idol" contestants who were living there moved out on Monday night. The nine bedroom house in Beverly Hills was just built in 2008, and is on the market for $12 million. As far as we can see, it's haunted by a failed escrow, dark listing photos, and nice views (spoooooky). But it might also be haunted by the ghost of "Million Dollar Listing" dreams. Josh A. showed the house to a "high-end concierge" a few weeks ago, but the guy didn't even want to finish the tour. Maybe he was just too scared--the "American Idol" singers say they witnessed flickering lights, a spider invasion, and (seriously) a bed sheet floating down a hallway. Also, apparently the roof leaked.
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