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Pork on Fairfax, Coffee Bean 2.0 in 90210, Italian Near Cedars, Larchmont Village

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[Photo: Mondette]
FAIRFAX DISTRICT: The location of under-construction 'brat haus Currywurst is kind of amusing--it's just south of the once heavily-kosher Fairfax District. The folks behind the reimagining of Hollywood's Stone Bar are working on this pork project. *UPDATE: Actually, those guys are working on yet another German-themed restaurant, a beer garden on Sunset.

BEVERLY HILLS: Coffee Bean unveiled a new concept yesterday at their Beverly Drive location. Called the Lounge, the fancy Bean offers an indoor/outdoor fireplace, a lot of space for merchandise, and a yogurt and oatmeal station--Gensler designed the new coffee palace.

BEVERLY CENTER: Il Covo is getting ready the fill the 3rd Street space once occupied by Orso. Construction is still going on, but Eater says the dining room is gorgeous and dinner will commence later this month.

EAST HOLLYWOOD: After expanding in 2008, Osteria La Buca is growing again--almost taking over the entire building it occupies. The Italian restaurant fancified the neighborhood a bit and is known for good food and a bit of Hollywood haughtiness. Buca will shutter on March 27 and reopen after about nine days.
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