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Bea Arthur's Cliff May-Designed House in the Wilds of Brentwood

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Actress, activist, gay icon, Maude, and Golden Girl Bea Arthur used to walk around this place naked, according to a 1998 A&U magazine article. She told the author "This is country out here...I can walk around without anything on and nobody cares, and it's just lovely." Arthur died in April 2009, and her estate is now renting out the nearly four acre property in Sullivan Canyon, on the western edge of Brentwood. Cliff May originally designed the five bedroom house, but in the mid-aughts, designer/builder Matt Saks (Real Estalker points out that Arthur has a son by the same name) renovated and "modified the aesthetics to complete an incredible Spanish Courtyard Estate," according to the listing. The house comes with a pool, a tennis court ("although Bea does not play," according to the A&U article), private hiking trails, and waterfalls. A&U says Arthur moved in in 1975. There's no price attached to the listing, but Real Estalker hears rent is $32,500 per month.
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