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"Very Near Future" for Blvd6200

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Clarett speaketh! Well, sort of. Amid questions about the future of the company, John Bowman, lobbyist for the developer's 6200 Blvd project, told the City Council last week that Clarett anticipates the Hollywood Boulevard apartment and retail project "will be under construction in the very near future." That's as close to a public statement anyone is likely to get on the project. Clarett's fully entitled development was at City Hall due to that appeal by local resident Margarita Allen over the haul route, and while the City Council denied Allen's appeal, City Council President Eric Garcetti promised his office would work with Allen over construction-related issues. Meanwhile, there's still no deal with Clarett for her relocation during construction or the purchase of her property, attorney Robert Silverstein, who represents Allen, told us after the hearing.