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Will Retrofitting Work Start Again on Long Beach Bridge?

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The Los Angeles Times says it's a big mess down at the Queensway Bay Bridge, which funnels passenger traffic between downtown Long Beach with the port of Long Beach (this is different from the Gerald Desmond Bridge project). After completing about 35 percent of work on the retrofit of Queensway's ramps, the contractor "abandoned the site," according to the County's Department of Public Works. Granada Hills-based A.M. Classic Construction says work was stopped because of technical problems and $1 million in back pay the County allegedly owes them. The Department of Public Works says Classic's work caused damage to the bridge and they wouldn't fix it after being notified. After Classic left the site, a DPW memo stated "county crews had to install timber supports to protect the bridge." The County was hoping to declare the contractor in default, but Classic is fighting that, saying that could impede them from obtaining future government contracts. “How soon are we going to get this resolved so we can get people back on the job?” county Supervisor Don Knabe asked at today’s meeting of the Board of Supervisors—a public works official told the Times they’re working on a resolution. Image by Namisan via flickr
· Seismic Retrofit Stalled at Queensway Bridge [LA Times]