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AIA/LA Looking for Restaurant Design Award Nominees, Who Are We, Anyway?

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Culver City's lovely Akasha [Photo by Alen Lin, taken in 2008]
LOS ANGELES: Awards season is upon us...and the AIA Restaurant Awards need your input! "The AIA/LA Restaurant Design Awards are open to all individuals and practices (owners & architects/designers can equally submit entries for consideration) for projects located in the United States and to US-based individuals and practices for projects outside of the USA." Eater LA's Kat Odell is one of the judges, and you can find out how to enter via this link. [AIA]

PASADENA: "Angelino, Angeleno, Angeleño: Who are we?" is the name of a panel taking place in Pasadena next week, an event moderated by KPCC’s Leslie Berenstein Rojas, and one that will include an "audience-inclusive, interactive discussion with panelists D.J. Waldie (author, KCET “Departures” blogger) and Dr. Eric Avila (Professor, Urban and Cultural History)." More about next Tuesday's event, being held at the Crawford Family Forum. [KPCC]