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Save Franklin Canyon Fights to Save Hiking Trail from Development

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Images via Save Franklin Canyon
There's a stand-off underway between local wealthy developer Mohamed Hadid and a group called Save Franklin Canyon, which is fighting Hadid's plans to erect a handful of homes on private property in an area intersects Franklin Canyon Park near Studio City. For years, hikers have walked on Hadid's private land (he owns a total of 45 acres), apparently unaware that the land was always slated for development. There's also accusations of expired permits. Things are getting nasty, folks. From the Daily News:

"While acknowledging that the land is private property, Save Franklin Canyon has accused Hadid of operating on permits that have expired since he bought the land from a private party around 2004 and completed 70 percent of grading between then and 2008.

His permits are not expired, Hadid said. Instead, building codes have changed since 2004, and the city has asked him to resubmit plans that show he's complying with the new codes, he said.

Regardless of the status of the permits, Hadid said it's an issue between him and the city, and not the hikers.

'I don't want to see the hikers lose their hiking trails and so forth,' Hadid said. 'But that's not my responsibility.'" According to the paper, the Save the Canyon group is now talking about eminent domain.
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