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Bunker Hill's Omni Hotel Gets a Nip and a Tuck

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With the arrival of the Ritz/Marriott and the potential for an NFL stadium at the convention center, everyone downtown is spiffing up. The Omni Los Angeles will finish a $15 million renovation covering its 453 guest rooms, its meeting rooms, and its ballroom this week. The Downtown News reports that the hotel spent $17,000 each to give the rooms an "old Los Angeles glamour" look, "with richer colors and deep mahogany tones." The renovation only took four months (during which the hotel stayed open), but was delayed getting started because of the economy. The updated hotel now features downtown-themed art, but keeps its steel "Yellow Fin" sculpture. Rates, which went down during the recession, are expected to "return to normal pricing" at $189-389 per night. [Renovated room by Gary Leonard via Downtown News]
· The Omni Vision [Downtown News]

Omni Los Angeles Hotel

251 S. Olive St., Los Angeles, CA 90012