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It's No Nouvel, But 10000 Santa Monica Plans Are Unveiled

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Artist rendering, design may change

Behold the latest plans for 10000 Santa Monica Boulevard in Century City. Yesterday, Miami-based developer Crescent Heights submitted paperwork to the city's Planning Department for a 283-unit condo tower, a move that starts the entitlement process.
Exact details of the project are still being worked out, but the proposed building is 460 feet, so depending on the units' ceiling heights, the tower will be anywhere from 35 stories to 40 stories. No architect has been announced and this rendering is purely a placeholder.

Originally, a leafy Jean Nouvel-designed building was planned at this corner, but the 2.4 acre site was sold last fall to Crescent Heights for $59 million following the Lehman Brothers meltdown.

And if Century City can kick off some nasty developer vs. homeowner battles, so far the project has the support of activists like Mike Eveloff, president of Tract 7260, which represents numerous homeowner groups. From conversations with the developer, Eveloff said it's his understanding that no variances will be sought for the tower. He also believes the units are going to be priced in a range (documents submitted to the city say the units will average $1.5 million) that will allow those who work in Century City--the lawyers, CAA agents--to be able to buy in the tower. Additionally, as proposed, no retail is planned in the project, which means the area won't be overwhelmed with car trips, according to Eveloff. "If you look at the nature of this project, the amount of traffic is negligible," he said.
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