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By Agreeing to Sell to Caruso, Patel Loses a Fan

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Writing in CityWatch, neighborhood activist Ziggy Kruse says she's disappointed with Golden Key Hotel owner Ray Patel for reportedly agreeing to sell to developer Rick Caruso, who wants to buy the hotel to expand the Americana at Brand. Kruse isn't unhappy Patel is cashing out--her issue is that she doesn't think Patel was honest with her from the beginning. Kruse, who has aligned herself with other eminent domain battles in Los Angeles, writes: "When I first spoke with Patel he ensured me that he didn’t like to be bullied either and that he was not holding out for money, but that he in fact wanted to stay and redevelop his hotel on his own. He even had plans drawn, which he showed me several times....I was blind-sided by the charming ways of Patel, who kept on insisting that he was not in it for the money." According to Kruse, Patel called her as news broke that he was selling. He told her he agreed to sell because it was a "family decision," an explanation Kruse isn't buying.

Feeling used by Patel--Kruse shared her eminent domain contacts with Patel and attended his rally--she writes: "Though the experience with Patel in Glendale left a bitter taste in my mouth, it is most definitely something to remember. This will not discourage me to still share my experience and knowledge with those who ask for it on how to fight off the abusers of Eminent Domain, but I want the people to be honest with me."
· Patel Caves on Eminent Domain ? and His Friend [City Watch]

The Americana at Brand

889 Americana Way., Glendale, CA 91210