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Lynwood Cleaning Up Toxic Sites For Affordable Housing

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Lynwood's Redevelopment Agency wants (and is court-ordered) to build more affordable housing in the city, but it has a problem--many of the eligible sites are rather somewhat very toxic. The Board of Supes has just voted on a few matters that make it possible for the city to issue a $30 million bond to help fund cleanup of at least one site and development of a 98 unit project. Officials say a full cleanup of all the "hundreds of acres of contaminated property" will cost more than $50 million, but that they'll use some of the new bond money to go after private companies they say toxicked up the sites in the first place. They've already gotten two to take responsibility for one 15 acre site (but they're not naming names). [Sign via Danny310SK8]
· Lynwood gets green light for $30M bond cleanup [Press-Telegram]