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Lisa Kline Goes Man-Only, Lucky Shops, the Like's Laena Geronimo

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Elizabeth Daniels 3/11

BEVERLY HILLS: Robertson Boulevard institution Lisa Kline is phasing out women's and kid's stuff and moving to an all-man model. Kline writes that she's "no longer interested in trying to compete with internet shopping, department stores, and the cheap trendy knock off stores."

LOS ANGELES: "Bargain-bonanza bazaar" Lucky Shops will be held in LA for the first time ever this April. Racked nabbed a partial list of vendors.

LOS ANGELES: Laena Geronimo, bass-player for the Like and all-around Los Angeles music scene staple, talks to Racked about her favorite local vintage, what to wear when rocking out, and whether LA is superficial.

MID-CITY/WEST HOLLYWOOD: More reports from the front-lines of Fashion Week (month?): day two of Concept wasn't great, but it went out with a bang on its last night, men's line B:Scott showed a lot of "droopy-crotched, knicker-length pants ending with an elastic cuff," and Alternative Apparel is moving beyond the tee.
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