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Make Your Mark on Sunset Junction, Bipolar Planner Does LA on Film

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SILVER LAKE: Showing up the Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign is not going to be easy, but the "Envisioning Silver Lake" competition asks architects, planners, and designers to come up with ideas for an installation and community plaza for Sunset Junction. The winner will have his or her project built in 2012 and get to skip the line at Intelligentsia for life (just kidding on that second one!). [Sunset Junction Streetscape]

LOS ANGELES: "'Model LA' is the story of Tim Carter, a manic depressive LA City planner who creates a symbiotic relationship with the city of Los Angeles when he becomes obsessed with showing the world what LA really looks like from an urban planning point of view." If that sounds like something you want to see, you can contribute to a conceptual short to show off to investors and producers. [IndieGoGo]