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Blog Manages to Take Down Giant Tag in Echo Park

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Behold, the power of the blogosphere: the Eastsider LA has a story about how his site helped bring down some giant graffiti in Echo Park that sullied the neighborhood for a year and a half. While the ads on the front kept on rotating, a billboard at Glendale Boulevard and Branden Street has been sporting a big "FTW" on its arse since the fall of 2009--it's a mark from the FTW gang, which name is an acronym for "Fuck the World." After the graffiti went up, complaints from LAPD officer Al Polehonki fell on deaf ears at CBS Outdoor (Polehonki called FTW's message “...a big F-U to everyone else in the community.”) Noticing the tagging again recently, the officer called the Eastsider LA this weekend; the blog contacted the PR office of CBS Outdoor and lo and behold, by Tuesday, the unpleasant message was scrubbed clean. Image via Eastsider LA
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