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Robert D. Farquhar's 1910 Gorham House in Santa Monica

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Robert D. Farquhar was a fancy east coast type, educated at Exeter, Harvard, and MIT, who came out west in the early 1900s and worked on Beverly Hills High School, downtown's California Club, and the Clark Memorial Library at UCLA. This is one of his earliest LA buildings, the Gorham House, built in 1910. The house has five bedrooms, seven and a half bathrooms, "several outdoor fire pits," a pool, a wine cellar, a screening room, and a one bedroom, two bathroom guesthouse with kitchen and gym. According to Redfin, it was renovated in 1998--guess those granite counters don't date back to 1910 after all. The Gorham last sold in 2007 for $6.5 million; asking price now is $11.995 million.
· 336 ADELAIDE Dr [Redfin]