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Cafeteria Flashback Downtown, Little Dom Denied in Studio City, Hooters' South Park Neighbors, Starbucks Buying Peets?

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DOWNTOWN: Public School 612 is now open in a corner of the Financial District's Daily Grill. Eater calls the design "vintage industrial chic" but seems fonder of the food, which is an upscale take on cafeteria grub, like much-improved mashed potatoes and fried chicken (what, no tater tots?).

STUDIO CITY: Delicious Little Dom's, a Los Feliz branch of WeHo's Dominick's, is trying to open up a venue in Studio City. But the neighborhood council narrowly voted it down because--guess--parking. Well, there actually weren't enough votes to entirely kill the proposal, so there's still hope.

DOWNTOWN: We told you a restaurant and nightclub would be joining the hotwings and wenches coming to that little Figueroa building across from Staples. Well, sounds like it's a done deal: "iCon LA and Taste of LA. iCon LA is described as a nightclub, fit with a small stage and bar. Taste of LA sounds like a full blown restaurant... they're aiming to be open just before the Summer season."

LOS ANGELES: Starbucks is going through some major changes for its 40th birthday with all kinds of new desserts and drinks. Eater has news that Starbucks is considering buying up Peet's Coffee & Tea, the medium-sized California-based chain known for its very strong java.
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