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Sunset Plaza House Gets a Price Bump (And Another Stripper Pole?)

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This Sunset Plaza home hit the market in 2008 listed at $6.995 million. A reader noticed the home, which boasts a casino, pool, disco, and so much more, is still on the market, while we noticed that the price has risen to $7.5 million. What's changed? Hard to know, but that stripper pole shower wasn't in the first set of photos. And if you want to know (some of) what goes on in this home, look no farther than the photographer Richard Franklin's web site, a site which features some scantily clad (NSFW) models. You'll recognize some interiors. Be careful, slippery model! Franklin is rumored to either own the home or have an interest in the LLC that owns it. Either way, someone get Charlie Sheen on the horn--his dream home awaits! UPDATE: We've updated the title of the post.
· 2189 SUNSET PLAZA Drive [Redfin]