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Visiting Lancaster=Now Just Like Hitting Up a Day Spa

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Since Antelope Valley can get super-stressful with all that heat, commutes, and the Flat Earthers, Lancaster is working on ways to chill out the mood a little. Last year the city renamed a stretch of Lancaster Boulevard to the more clubby-sounding The BLVD, and now it's piping soothing music and spa sounds (chirping birds, lapping water) through 70 speakers in the business and arts district, reports the Daily News. Mayor R. Rex Parris' came up with the idea, which he hopes gives Lancasterians "a heightened sense of well-being." In 2008, Lancaster and Honda tried to bring a little fun to Avenue G with a "William Tell Overture"-playing musical road, but it is apparently poorly-tuned.

· Lancaster begins piping calming, Muzak-like sounds downtown [LADN]