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Glendale's Golden Key Hotel To Be Reborn as a Nordstrom

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Mastermind Rick Caruso's great plans were revealed today with the news that he's bringing a Nordstrom to the Americana at Brand. The department store--a three-level, 135,000 square-foot store--will open in 2013 on on the site of the Golden Key Hotel and the nearby brick building, both of which Caruso just purchased to expand the Americana at Brand. And here's the rub: Caruso is poaching Nordstrom from his nemesis Glendale Galleria, with whom he's battled in court over tenant issues. Well-played, Mr. Caruso!

As for Nordstrom's decision to move on down the road (quite literally!): "We had an aging facility," Colin Johnson, spokesperson for Nordstrom, tells us. According to Johnson, Nordstrom, which has been operating in the Glendale Galleria since 1983, was faced with rebuilding its existing store or joining the Americana at Brand. "We felt our customers would be better served by this new store," says Johnson. The Nordstrom at Americana will be slightly smaller than the 147,000 square foot store at the Glendale Galleria, but Johnson says the shopping floor space will stay the same. "We're more efficient at building stores than we were in 1983," he says. (For those keeping tabs, the Nordstrom at the Grove is 120,000 square feet). Asked when discussions with Caruso first started on moving to the Americana, Johnson declined to respond. "We don't want to get into details about how this deal came about," he said. UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal has more on the deal, which also involves Caruso purchasing the existing Glendale Galleria store, which "means long-time rival Mr. Caruso will control a key portion of GGP’s mall." From the WSJ: "[The deal] can’t sit well with GGP, which declined to comment Wednesday beyond this terse statement: “This was a decision made at the highest levels of Nordstrom.”
· Nordstrom and Caruso Affiliated Announce Plans for New Glendale Store at The Americana at Brand [PR Newswire]

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