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How Many People Live at Alta Lofts? Metallotus Talk At UCLA

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LINCOLN HEIGHTS: Yesterday, we wondered aloud how many units had sold at Alta Lofts, owned by Citibank and marketed by Lee Homes. We also wondered how many artists had moved in (the project was marketed to artists). Today: An answer! "So far, the info I have is 13 units occupied, 15 sales," writes Carol Ruiz, press rep for Alta Lofts. "Mostly professionals." And there you go. [Curbed InBox]

WESTWOOD: Cameron McNall, Principal, Electroland, the firm that put up the big glowing flower in downtown, will be speaking tomorrow night on Flower Power. "We will be presenting the design, fabrication and installation process of the Metallotus project tomorrow night at UCLA," he writes in an email. More info. [Curbed InBox]