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After Long Darkness, NoHo Commons Quoting Movies Again

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Image via NoHo Arts District

"Drive By" is a 240 foot long, traffic-activated LED sign attached to NoHo Commons and it's back to flashing after going dark almost three years ago. The piece, created by local design firm Electroland (the same firm behind downtown's giant flower at the Medallion), scrolls popular movie quotes ("Say hello to my little friend," "If you build it, they will come," etc.) and is backlit by changing-color lights at night. It was installed on the building in 2007, "as a part of the City's North Hollywood public art program," according to NoHo Arts District, but the Department of Building & Safety decided it was advertising and soon after going up it was shut down. Now, as promised when it quoted "The Terminator," it's back.
· Drive By and See the Flashing North Hollywood Building [NoHo Arts District]