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Agoura Hills Officially Cleared for Cameron's Blue Creatures

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The Toronto Sun provides more information on why director James Cameron chose the "far-flung suburb of L.A." to build a studio for his next "Avatar" movie. "One of the reasons he may have chosen it, a source says, is because his aging mother lives in the area. Awww. "Jim dotes on his mother, said a friend of Shirley Cameron, who lives in a place called Agoura Hills, which is near the studio the director is building." Last year, Agoura Hills approved Cameron's new studio, which will rise at 29901 Agoura Road. More: "For Cameron to build his massive 4,830-sq/m Lightstorm Entertainment movie studio and production facility -- to be equipped with blue screens, pulleys and live action sets -- he needed a special zoning permit from the city of Agoura Hills, a bucolic, peaceful town nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Despite protests from some residents that the studio would bring too much traffic and congestion into the area, the city council passed the plans last month and construction is expected to start this spring." The Acorn, a local newspaper, has also been following Cameron's plans. Last month, they reported that the city hopes to expedite the approval process for the project. "In addition to bringing jobs into the city, the studio will fit 'nicely' with the city’s focus on arts and culture, "Commissioner Illece Buckley Weber" said.
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