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Both Sides of Congressional Aisle Hate Metro Congestion Pricing Plan

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Republican Representative Gary Miller (Diamond Bar) and Democratic Representative Maxine Waters (southern parts of LA County) are both opposed to Metro's plans for high-occupancy toll lanes on parts of the 110 and 10 freeways, according to the LA Times, and Miller is trying to shut the HOT Lanes down. Metro plans to introduce the ExpressLanes project starting in late 2012, with the help of a $210 million federal grant. Solo travelers will be able to pay tolls ranging from 25 cents to $1.40 per mile to drive in the carpool lanes on 11 miles of the 110 south of downtown, and on 14 miles of the 10 east of downtown.

Miller believes "the toll would be tantamount to a double taxation on motorists, who already paid gasoline taxes to build the freeway lanes," according to the LAT, and he's looking into passing a law to stop the project. Waters says it's unfair for poor drivers to "sit in stand-still traffic while those who can afford to pay about $4 for a one-way trip get to use the carpool lane." Both reps are also worried that the plan will slow down the carpool lanes. Metro says the ExpressLanes are expected to improve bus service and traffic in non-carpool lanes, and that a one-time $25 subsidy will be available for low-income drivers. Solo drivers won't be allowed in to the carpool lanes if the speed drops below 45 mph (the "Speed" clause, if you will).
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