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Beverly Hills' Laemmle Theater Will Stay Alive Another Year

Recently on the verge of shutting its doors after 30-odd years of operation, the Laemmle Music Hall 3 will live to see at least another year, reports the Beverly Hills Courier (and previously, LA Weekly). The Wilshire venue went up in 1938, but was facing the end of a 15-year lease this spring--aside from a shortage in popular Iranian films, an increase in rent by the landlord meant owner Greg Laemmle was considering shutting down the three-screener (which, as the Weekly pointed out, would have provided some symbolism for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which operates across the street). A new lease was signed, which Laemmle called "very reasonable." The lease lasts until April 2012 (it can be reupped) so get your art-house on while you can. image by el daybeh via flickr
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