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French Architect's 1927 Hancock Park House

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This 1927 house in Hancock Park, the "personal residence of a French architect known in the area for Tudor homes" has been on the market since September, and we can certainly understand why it's not moving. It's not the prettiest house in the 'hood, it's right on Highland, and it looks like it was decorated by that twenties-era French architect, possibly after a bout of syphilis (what's up with the Mickey statue?) Still, the four bedroom, three bathroom house has a very inviting-looking pool, a butler's pantry, a dining room, a guesthouse above the garage, and some charming details. The house went on the market in September asking $1.799 million and has been chopped to $1.389 million--use the savings for a heavy-duty spit and polish.
· 650 South HIGHLAND Ave [Redfin]