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Downtown Target Construction, Tree Shortage in Mid-City?

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Via Victoria Bernal
DOWNTOWN: Check out this unusual shot of the construction of Brookfield Office Properties' shopping plaza at 7th and Fig, site of forthcoming Target. [Flickr]

MID-CITY: A reader writes in: "I was riding my bike past the Midtown Crossing shopping center in Mid-City (Pico and Rimpau)...I noticed a stump, at the curb, then another one, then another one... 9 or 10 large, old trees had been completely cut down along the sidewalk. I think I rode past yesterday and didn't notice it.. it may have all happened last night or early this morning...With San Vicente crossing Pico and Rimpau, I think the corner needs all the trees it can get.... How does this kind of crap get approved? Are they widening the road, for Lowe's? Or perhaps the trees do not fit in with Lowe's master plan? Anyway, just thought I'd drop a line. The whole thing just sort of stinks." Perhaps our friends at CIM Group, which is building the project, do in fact have a plan to replace the trees? [Curbed LA]