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Architect Peter Zumthor on How to Fix LACMA's Campus

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In a profile of architect Peter Zumthor in the New York Times magazine, the magazine covers a meeting between Zumthor and Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) officials, including LACMA director Michael Govan, and you get a sense of how the Pritzker Prize winner--who has "eschewed the flamboyant, billboard-on-the-skyline, globe-trotting celebrity persona, setting himself apart from, and in his own mind clearly somewhat above, some of his more famous colleagues"--works.

From the Times: "He was hired to reconsider just the eastern part of the campus. The western end was a hodgepodge of buildings and parkland, he said, with a half-baked attempt at classical order. '"I don’t understand this axis idea, like for the French king,' he said. 'I'm too late.' He consoled himself with the prospect of devising paths and vistas around the campus for outdoor works of art by Heizer, Jeff Koons and Robert Irwin." There are more insider moments with Zumthor and other LACMA trustees, although it's not clear when the meeting happened and what plans are still on for LACMA. The story starts with Zumthor meeting Tobey Maguire to talk about designing a house for the actor, but that's news which broke in 2009.
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