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For Dwell-Loving Local Political Wonks: Eric Garcetti's House For Rent

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Garcetti via Wikipedia For a certain set of Angelenos, this is way better than Bieber on the Wilshire Corridor--it's dashing City Council President Eric Garcetti's Elysian Heights post and beam! Last week we heard that Garcetti and his wife Amy Wakeland are moving over to Silver Lake, and today we get the rental listing for their old three bedroom, two bathroom house, which made Dwell in 2008. The house has solar panels, bamboo flooring, a fireplace, multiple decks ("great for...morning yoga"), and adjoins "a small organic farm." Well, there's no mistaking this house for a conservative's. Rent is $4,500 per month.
· 2120 Avon Street [Take Sunset, via Echo Park Now]