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Work Starts on Valley Bike Path, But Not Everyone's Happy About It

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Construction on a 2.2.-mile bike path in the West Valley along the LA River, complete with landscaping and overhead lighting, kicked off yesterday, reports Streetsblog. Aside from the speeches and hurrahs for the West Valley River Bike Path was a protester decrying the cost, location, and the length of time for construction (see image). The bikeway will cost $7 million and will be paid for by "state sources that were earmarked for parks and federal funds (Uncle Sam's contribution=$5 million) that needed to be spent by 2013." While Streetsblog's Damien Newton said the protester's complaints had credence, he emphasized the money had to be used or would be taken away. Rancor aside, the bikeway will be done next year. Image via Streetsblog's Flickr
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