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Huge Underground Shubin+Donaldson Planned for a Bel Air Bluff

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Images via ArchDaily Like some kind of superrich moleman, founder Scott Painter plans to build this underground house with panoramic views designed by Shubin+Donaldson's principals and project architect Bradford Kelley. The 26,800 square foot house will be built into a Moraga Canyon bluff, on land given by Howard Hughes to the chief engineer for the Spruce Goose, and just south of 500 acres of Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy land. Acquiring the property, according to the architects' site, involved "camping on the land." The location is a big deal, since "Except for a few deft lines and angles—such as the neat rows of the surrounding vineyard—there is very little perceivable 'built' presence." The four bedroom house will have green roofs, a sunken living area, two pools, and an outdoor dining area (plus those vineyards). No word on when construction starts.
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