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Highland Park Haters, Panel on Architects and Tract Housing

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HIGHLAND PARK: "To all the Highland Park haters," writes a reader, "Two new-to-market highland park homes you've had on curbed have sold above asking..." Exhibit A and Exhibit B. "To all the Highland Park haters" sounds like a pretty good song...but we want it sung in a lounge a la Los Feliz's Dresden Bar. Put a dollar in the glass. [Curbed InBox]

CULVER CITY: Next Thursday at 7pm, the Architect’s Newspaper presents a panel at SPF:a Gallery in Culver City, a talk centered on improving the architectural quality of mass-produced and tract housing. The event will be moderated by Sam Lubell, West Coast Editor of the Architect’s Newspaper, and panelists include architect William Krisel; architect Leo Marmol; architect Zoltan Pali; Lee Homes chairman Harlan Lee; and architect Neal Payton, principal at Torti Gallas and Partners. [Curbed InBox]