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Will Los Angeles Ever Reach Its "One Million Trees" Mark?

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Via Life: "A palm tree is transported to Fifth Street and Central Avenue, 1889."

KCET's Char Miller takes the occasion of Arbor Day to look into what's gone wrong with Mayor Villaraigosa's plans to plant one million trees in Los Angeles. He writes that there was never much of a way to keep track of how many trees actually got planted and that there were no calculations regarding the amount of water one million trees would need to survive. And then there's the "agro-imperialism" of planting trees where they don't naturally grow--in the Million Trees effort, Miller sees echoes of the late nineteenth century white migrants who upon arrival in Los Angeles "immediately set about domesticating the local environs." New York's Million Tree effort is halfway there, according to its web site.
· Shady Dealings: Or the Problem with Planting Trees in Los Angeles [KCET]