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Excitement Over Look for East Pasadena Vons Shopping Center

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Wrinkly photo via Brigham Yen
In a recent Los Angeles Times story about the mayor's race in 2013 (and who might run), developer Rick Caruso was quoted as saying LA has really low expectations. '"We get excited when a supermarket opens up downtown. Wow. That's a pretty low standard,'" Caruso said. '"It's a tough city to live in today.'" But can you blame blogger Brigham Yen for getting hopped up about the design of the replacement Vons in East Pasadena? The store is under construction at the intersection of Colorado and Sierra Madre blvds. Let's listen in: "What used to be a typical suburban style market with a large surface parking lot in front of the store (not very pedestrian friendly), is being completely reconfigured with new retail stores facing Colorado Blvd, making that stretch of the street a lot more pedestrian oriented." This Vons is just one of many Vons getting a facelift.
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