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Los Feliz Pissed at Kirstie Alley For Big, Loud Vermont Ave. Party

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Organic Liaison sounds like some kind of specialty sex shop, but it's actually a weight loss outfit that "Cheers" star Kirstie Alley is opening up in Los Feliz. Last night she held a big party in Los Feliz Village--a stretch of Vermont was shut down, spotlights were shone, music was played, women danced on platforms--and some Los Felizians hated it. An LAist contributor tells the site "At the event, several residents were heard complaining to the police...Some businesses surrounding Organic Liaison said, on condition of anonymity, that business had been negatively affected by the event." On Twitter, attendees gushed while neighbors vented (sample: "Organic liaison is now on my blacklist for bringing this hollywood trash to my neighborhood"). One local posted a four minute, expletive-heavy video of her walk through the event and urged watchers to call City Councilmember Tom LaBonge. Alley thanked the neighborhood on Twitter, but only after telling the videographer " need to get a Fin life....this is HOLLYWOOD baby.....PARTYS don't even begin till 11:00.....u need to get LAID."
· Live in Los Feliz? Didn't Like the Organic Liaison Party Last Night? Owner Kirstie Alley Says Get Laid & Get a F-Ing Life! [LAist]