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Downtown: Now With More People Than Bismarck, N.D.

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Hey Rick Caruso, don't discount the importance of a grocery store. Aside from showing California's eastern population shift, the latest census highlights downtown LA's steady rise (not entirely surprising news) in residents, reports blogdowntown. Back in 2000, not long after the adaptive reuse ordinance was enacted and allowed older abandoned buildings to be turned into housing, the city center was at 35,884. Ten years later, downtown (including City West and Chinatown) clocks in 59,006--that's about 4,000 more souls than North Dakota's capital (though without Chinatown, downtown has 51,329 residents, about 3,600 less than Bismarck). Downtown's population grew at about 43 percent in the last decade, and that's without Chinatown numbers. "The highest growth came in the Historic Core, which added more than 4,500 residents in the area bounded by 2nd, 9th, Hill and Los Angeles," reports blogdowntown. "The blocks are now home to 8,312." From 2000 to 2010, South Park added more than 2,100 residents and even the oft-maligned City West area west of the 110 welcomed 1,300 new people.
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