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Lil' Tokyo Spice, Farmers Market at LAX?, Doughboys Rises (Again)

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LITTLE TOKYO: New Asian small-plates restaurant The Spice Table has opened for dinner in Little Tokyo, in a handsome brick building that a Cuban restaurant once occupied. Strong Singaporean and Vietnamese influences are evident, plates range from $6-17, and lunch service is imminent.

LAX: Our big unwieldy airport is trying to soften its image; part of that is bringing some better food options to the behemoth. Local LA favorites will be part of the revamped LAX and now there's talk of bringing the ultimate LA institution, the Farmers Market, to some of the terminals; T & Y Bakery, Magee’s House of Nuts, Light My Fire, ¡Lotería! Grill, Monsieur Marcel and a Market coffee bar are all being considered.

MID-CITY WEST: Eater checks out Doughboys Bakery, which opened last month near Beverly and Crescent Heights. The little shop is an off-shoot of the famous cafe on 3rd Street that abruptly shut down in 2007, then reopened in January 2010, only to have owner Frank Waldman pass away a month after that (though it's remained popular without Waldman). This new bakery will offer cupcakes, baguettes, and City Bean coffee.
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Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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