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Hotel Lautner Before and After, Orange County Auctions Roll On

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DESERT HOT SPRINGS: Tracy Beckmann, one of the owners of the newly renovated John Lautner-designed hotel confirms the hotel has soft-opened, and sends some photos of the exterior. And hey, it's not a motel. More to come on this story, including interior shots. But price, you ask? There's an introductory rate at $350 per night. “Hotel Lautner” is described as a hybrid between hotel and vacation rental property, according to Beckmann. The last three photos are the "before" shots, dating back to when Beckmann and her partner bought the place in 2008. [Curbed InBox]

ORANGE COUNTY: And the auctions roll on....but this one is taking place in the OC. City Place Auction in Santa Ana will offer 34 total homes--11 live/work and 23 townhomes (and the latter were designed by Venice-based architect Stephen Ehrlich). Minimum bids for townhomes start at $295,000 for a 2,175 square foot unit; live/work units start at $335,000 for a 1,622 square foot unit. More via the web site. [Curbed InBox]