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Author Upton Sinclair's Monrovia Muckraking Base Has Sold Out

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Shhhh, no one tell the ghost of author, attempted politician, and Socialist Upton Sinclair that his old house in Monrovia's on the market at $630 per square foot. Sinclair, who wrote "The Jungle" and "Oil!" and ran for California governor, moved into the house in 1942 and stayed until 1965, writing in a converted garage (now a guest house), storing his inflammables in a fireproof concrete bunker called "The Vault" (still on the property), and at one point, according to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, disconnecting the doorbell so he could have a little peace. The three bedroom, one and a half bathroom house was built in 1923 for hotel magnate Louis Vollmer, and still has original molding, fireplaces, tiles, and chandeliers. The kitchen is rather less original. The Upton Sinclair House is a National Historic Landmark and is Mills Act eligible, and its asking price is $1.5 million.
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